Trenton Harris Consulting is well suited for organizations looking to transition from an entrepreneurial life-stage to a more mature position, and enjoy higher levels of success.  We help executives, owners, and investors fully realize organizational potential – and we possess a range of skills to do so.

Our tailored, not prescribed, services include outcomes designed to stabilize, develop infrastructure, and promote acceleration – all fused with and supported by the industry’s best organizational development tool – Emergenetics®.




    • Enhance Business Function
    • Cash and Liquidity Evaluation and Management
    • Working Capital Evaluation and Improvement
    • Optimize Debt and Equity Structure
    • Manage and Align Internal Team and External Stakeholders
    • Investor and Lender Presentation Support



    • Financial Planning and Reporting
    • Leverage Internal Data and Intelligence
    • Business Modeling, Analysis, and Recommendations
    • Define and Implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Margin Enhancement
    • Product/Service Pricing
    • Organizational Design and Compensation Plans
    • Set Clear Objectives and Communication
    • Establish Commercial and Internal Policies and Processes
    • Improve the entirety of the Customer Experience



    • Business Plans and Strategic Planning
    • Defining Go-To-Market/Growth Strategies and Tactics
    • Product Lifecycle Assessment
    • Product Development Support
    • Build Diverse, Creative Work Teams
    • Sustainability Business Case and Implementation – People + Planet + Profit



    • One-on-One Consultation
    • Team Training
    • Team and Individual Development


Service Offerings

Initial Consultation

    • Brief no-cost discussion of the needs of your business, your team, and you.


    • We’ll work with you to diagnose the need, evaluate solutions, and recommend the path forward.


    • Trenton Harris Consulting will engage you and your team to achieve assessment recommendations.

Ongoing Interface

    • We’ll fit seamlessly into your team and ensure the needle is always pointing north.

Crisis Support

    • We are there when you need us.  We can act as short-term executive staff or help you overcome other urgencies.


    • The organizational development training and tools can be implemented in concert with a project or as a stand-alone service.  We highly recommend this fusion with other services to ensure lasting results and real change.


Our Guarantee

    • If we don’t achieve the results we defined together, we’ll keep working with you until those results are achieved.  Period.


Vision and Leadership

“Trenton demonstrated vision and leadership in his company’s journey toward sustainable business practices which resulted in significant operational efficiencies and increased brand recognition.”