Where do we want to go?


This is a question the best-performing companies are constantly asking themselves because the answer is what forges a promising future.  Fostering a corporate culture of forward thinking coupled with an unrelenting desire for improvement is the talisman of success.

At Trenton Harris Consulting, we strive to help you develop dynamic strategies aimed at moving your company from merely competing to industry dominance.

We’ll assist you in defining a clear vision of positive enhancements and help align a company-wide commitment to your far-reaching goals.

Our process allows you to benefit in many ways:

    • Gain focus. Why do you exist as an organization?  Where do you want to go?  How do you get there?  Use collaborative business and strategic planning to write the road map, and follow it to success.
    • Grow your business. We’re skilled in defining go-to-market/growth strategies plus marketing plans that result in tangible results.
    • Create and innovate. A diverse team and new products/services are fuel for growth.  We’ll show you how to get the most out of your team and new/existing product offerings.
    • Sustain. That means both sustainable business outcomes AND embracing the concept of corporate sustainability.  Trenton Harris Consulting holds rare expertise in implementation and achieving the promise of Sustainability through People+Planet+Profit.

Specific areas of focus include:

    • Business plans and strategic planning
    • Defining go-to-market/growth strategies and tactics
    • Product life-cycle assessment
    • Product development support
    • Build diverse, creative work teams
    • Sustainability business case and implementation – People+Planet+Profit

Building Brand and Business

“Trenton’s financial skill has been vital to my company’s survival during the recession.  I’ve always had a very professional and warm relationship with Trenton.  He has been consistent and strong in building both the brand and the business with my company, jenkinsdesign.  He’s opened my eyes to some new opportunities and given me new perspectives in developing clients and growing my business.”