With competition and business pressures being at an all-time high, companies can no longer afford to rest on their strengths while ignoring their weaknesses.  Savvy business owners understand their company needs to be constantly optimized on both sides of the ledger.


At Trenton Harris Consulting, our goal is to assist you in transforming your potential into prosperity.  We provide innovative ideas which lead to remarkable results.

Every organization has the ability to improve upon itself and we excel at identifying those opportunities and providing specific plans for optimization.

Through our process, we’ll provide a detailed analysis of your enterprise-wide operations and help you formulate a strategy for maximum performance.

Through our systems, we will help your company build its internal and external foundations in the following ways:

    • Set and achieve goals.  We’ll show you how organizational design, financial planning and reporting, and clarity of objectives can facilitate a high-performance culture.
    • Get smarter.  Any business’ best information is already in-house.  Tap into this under-utilized resource in your data and your team.  Combine that with business modeling, analysis, and key performance indicators to compete and operate at peak levels.
    • Drive profit.  Higher margins are within your reach.  We’ll work with you to maximize ROI.
    • Gain dependability.  Variation in outcomes and an uncertain culture shake the confidence of your customers and your staff.  Fix it and transition from firefighting to growing your business.

Specific areas of focus include:

    • Financial planning and reporting
    • Leverage internal data and intelligence
    • Business modeling, analysis, & recommendations
    • Define and implement key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Margin enhancement
    • Product/service pricing
    • Organizational design & compensation plans
    • Set clear objectives & communication
    • Establish commercial & internal policies and processes
    • Improve the entirety of the Customer Experience

Financial and Business Acumen

“Having known Trenton for over 10 years, I can say he is one of the finest executives I’ve met with a deep financial and business acumen.  His varied experiences at multiple levels gives him insights into business start-ups as well as helping existing businesses break performance ceilings.  Trenton’s ability to work with various teams on clearly seeing a path to success is impressive.”