Most businesses today are faced with an unprecedented barrage of obstacles and challenges.  In these uncertain times there is great risk, but there also lies unparalleled opportunities.


The difference between a challenge and an opportunity can be razor thin.  What may be seen as instability may actually be the gateway to a whole new level of performance and results.

Sometimes all it requires is a fresh set of experienced eyes, a focused level head, a new perspective, and the addition of new energy and passion.

At Trenton Harris Consulting, we specialize in providing comprehensive analysis and innovative solutions.  Not only will we be able to assist you in identifying areas ripe for enhancement, but we’ll be able to assist in implementing these recommended changes.

We are equally adept at working with business owners, private equity investors, and banks in order to facilitate stabilization.  This is all with the purpose of revitalizing operations and helping your team to find brighter tomorrows.

Here are several ways we can assist your firm in stabilization:

    • Become more liquid.  Cash is king, and we’ll help you manage it to your advantage.
    • Strengthen your balance sheet.  Optimize debt and equity structure, and make it work for you, not against you.  We can also help you secure funding.
    • Enhance business function.  Whether your business is a start-up or in need of a turn-around, we can help your business survive and thrive.
    • Align your team.  Resolving dysfunction within the internal team or external stakeholders is vital to success.  We’ll help align your staff, investors, Board, and bankers.

Specifically we can provide the following levels of support:

    • Enhance business function
    • Cash and liquidity evaluation and improvement
    • Optimize debt and equity structure
    • Manage and align internal team and external stakeholders
    • Investor and lender presentation support

Tough Decisions

“Trenton assumed the helm of Via Seating in the midst of the company’s most challenging time, the onset of the deepest recession in recent history.  He made the tough decisions necessary to weather the recession and emerge on the other side in position to grow.  At the same time, Trenton embraced personal development, significantly advancing his own leadership ability and strengthening the company.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Trenton. He is a very effective adviser to companies looking to improve their culture and performance.”