Emergenetics® goes beyond personality.  It’s a strengths-based thinking and behavioral analysis that starts with science and ends with empowered employees and a culture of understanding and appreciation.  Emergenetics® gives you the power to shape results.


Trenton Harris Consulting is a certified trainer of Emergenetics® and can help your team function at its best.  With 25 years’ experience leading many diverse and global teams, Trenton Harris knows the importance of a functional, vibrant team to achieving goals and experiencing fulfillment.  We bring this knowledge and perspective to you in a way that ensures practical, tangible value – with some light-hearted fun along the way.

The Emergenetics® Profile is a unique tool that provides a clear window into the way people think and behave.  What does this mean for you and your business?  What kind of results will you see with Emergenetics®?

    • Increased employee morale and higher productivity when people value their own strengths and understand more about themselves.
    • Stronger, more effective teams and work groups made possible when a group of people understands and appreciates more about each person and the group as a whole.
    • Create cognitively diverse and results-oriented teams facilitated by your organization capitalizing on a collaborative workforce.
    • Better capitalize on employee strengths when you can provide real, meaningful dialogue and information about the way a person works and goes about their work.

As an organization, you’ll experience:

    • A foundation for working more effectively and productively
    • A new viewpoint to understand business challenges
    • Communication strategies
    • More creative teams
    • Reduced conflict

Emergenetics® also enables organizations to harness cognitive diversity to come up with new solutions to the same old challenges.  It’s a revolutionary approach – working through your people – to gain incredible results . . . and on a business level it means ROI.

Business solutions fused with Emergenetics® have a higher chance of immediate and lasting success.  If you help your team, you help your business.  And that’s what we do.

    • One-on-one consultation
    • Team training
    • Team and individual development

Foundation for Success

“Trenton Harris understands the meaning of partnering from all sides of the transaction. He is very business savvy and brings a practical, supportive approach that puts clients at ease with clear and efficient communications from start to finish. With this approach, Trenton Harris has built a reputation of laying the foundation for success and achieving those goals for each specific transaction.”