Trenton Harris


Whether your business is still an idea scribbled on a cocktail napkin or a hundred-year-old multi-generational corporation, Trenton Harris has the skills and experience to help you take the next step toward greater success.

Trenton is a skilled executive leader with specialty in whole-enterprise stabilization and maturation.  With 25+ years of success in senior executive positions, including CEO and CFO roles, he has lead national and global organizations through the icebergs of turnarounds, rapid growth, globalization, and private equity ownership.

In this challenging economy even the strongest of companies have had to face rough waters.  The key to surviving and getting back on the road to thriving requires a disciplined and knowledgeable response.  Trenton earned a reputation as a turnaround specialist and will provide you with a calm and experienced hand in helping you get back on track.  Additionally, Trenton’s commercial banking experience makes him an ideal adviser to work through some of the unique complexities of lender and investor relations during these times.


Today’s fast-changing corporate climate requires constant adjustments and enhancements to keep your business ahead of the curve.  Most entrepreneurs are exceptionally gifted at taking a new, bright idea to fruition.  But oftentimes the unique risk taking skill set it takes to launch a company can prove an impediment to long-term stability and growth.  Trenton excels at working with good companies and helping to make them great by helping you develop systems of success.

When you meet Trenton you’ll instantly realize one of his greatest assets is the passion and energy he brings to any project.  He will bring momentum to your great ideas and people.  And with an extensive portfolio of developing winning business plans, the energizing always arrives with innovative and detailed strategies for success.

Trenton has diverse talents derived from a unique combination of life, professional, educational, and behavioral science capabilities:

    • Life – 2-year overseas assignment in Geneva; National sustainability leadership including White House policy meeting; Board Chair, Network for Business Innovation & Sustainability; Treasurer & Board Member, Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition (Winter Olympics)
    • Professional – 25 years of progressive leadership in diverse industries, built on a strong financial backbone; Recession survival, recovery, and emerging growth; Outstanding results scorecard; Capital reconstruction, teams, operations, brand, and go-to-market strategy; Private equity Board and banking management.
    • Educational – MBA/MSM, Purdue University; Program study at Stanford University.
    • Behavioral Science – Certified Emergenetics® trainer and leader; Diverse team and Board compilations.

Most recently, Trenton reshaped contract office seating manufacturer, Via Seating, into a thriving industry leader.  Joining Via as CFO, Trenton later served as President & CEO for 5 years.

Trenton is an active advocate of corporate citizenship and sustainability, participating in the Sustainable Supply Chain Roundtable at the White House and local sustainability efforts in Northern Nevada.  Trenton inspires a commitment to the triple bottom line of sustainability – people, planet, and profit.  He has also led the process to qualify products and operations as sustainable through third party auditors – under rigorous industry standards.  At Via Seating, Trenton initiated the purchase of 100% of electrical energy from renewable sources.

After growing up in Southeast Alaska and the unique opportunity to live and work in Geneva, Switzerland, Trenton has held a variety of senior management positions in different industries.  With a well-rounded financial and general management background, he has been an executive in the commercial banking, pharmaceutical, and office furniture industries.  Trenton holds an Honors Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University, an MBA/MSM from Purdue University, and is a program graduate of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

Examples of achievements include:


    • Recession management, recovery, and emerging growth
    • 350% improvement in liquidty in 18 months and 7% total expense reduction in 6 months
    • 20% revenue and 40% profit growth – resulting in positive cash flow in over-levered business
    • Highly dilutive debt and equity restructuring and negotiations
    • Discovered $1M of lost electronic revenue events and implemented processes to ensure on-going capture


Executive Leadership

    • Business modeling and strategy
    • Rebuilt and developed executive teams
    • Cultural transition from entrepreneurial to transparent, professional, and rigorous
    • Board, investor, banking, media relations



    • Re-domesticated and consolidated sourcing
    • Level®/e3 Sustainability 3rd Party Certification – first in industry segment
    • Participant in Sustainable Supply Chain White House Roundtable – March 2012
    • Acquisition due diligence


Sales and Marketing

    • Major corporate rebranding and web development
    • Channel and Go To Market transition and development – passive to purposeful
    • New product strategy, development, and market introduction
    • New product pricing modeling, positioning analysis, and commercial policies

Commitment to Goals

“I have worked with Trenton for years and always value his rich insights and commitment to my goals. As a leader, he has an inspiring take on what success means for organizations – and has been consistently able to achieve measurable results against that very high bar.”