About Us


about-picA Spark and a Spiral

Your business may need a spark – something to break a cycle, overcome a challenge, or reach towards its potential.  Sparks can break downward spirals and fuel upward momentum.  We’ll help you create a spark, and help lay the foundation across the organization to spin upward spirals that can take your business, your team, and you to new heights.

Trenton Harris Consulting is well suited for organizations looking to transition from an entrepreneurial life-stage to a more mature position, and enjoy higher levels of success.  We help executives, owners, and investors fully realize organizational potential – and we possess a range of skills to do so.

What makes us different is how we fuse practical business needs with leadership and team effectiveness to ensure lasting outcomes.  With 25 years of experience and a record of results, we are experts in the fundamentals of business and are rigorous in the process of assessment and implementation. For many, that’s enough. Not for us.

With unparalleled access, responsiveness, and sensitivity, we understand that we’re not just helping your business, we’re part of your team , and we’re helping you.


Our relationships and services are tailored – not prescribed.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients to customize the engagement based on their particular needs.

Every business and situation is unique.  And Trenton Harris Consulting is unique too.  Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business.

Analysis and Assessment

“Trenton has one of the best analytical minds of anyone I’ve worked with in my 30-year career.  Not only is he rigorous in his analysis and assessment, but Trenton is skilled at deconstructing complex situations and identifying root cause issues without getting bogged down in the detail.  At the same time, Trenton is able to translate that detailed knowledge and understanding into highly effective decision making.  Trenton adds tremendous value to any situation where he has the opportunity to direct his focus and numerous skills.”